Speaking Up for Planet Earth

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Speaking Up for Planet Earth

Earth is our home and our host as well as the mother and host for a myriad of living beings playing out their evolutionary cycles. We live on a wondrous planet, but not all of us see or treat the planet with the respect or care it is due, and needs. In the most developed areas, it is easy to be somewhat alienated from the natural world.  Technological advances shelter us, provide us with more control over our immediate environments, and establish the norm as living somewhat disconnected from nature and the elements.

Here in Cotacachi, Ecuador, life is not as removed from the elements because the climate is generally mild and the temperature range is usually not dramatic. We have no need for air conditioning or heating systems.  This is a shift for people used to adjusting thermostats; but, one soon adapts to what the day brings, and one can easily adjust one’s comfort level with a sweater or shawl. In this highland region of Ecuador there are many indigenous people who live as they have been living for centuries.  They grow most of their own food, and they truly live with keen awareness, and deep attachment to the land. They truly are connected with the Earth in physical and spiritual ways that most outsiders do not understand.

A few weeks ago there was a rally and demonstration on behalf of  protecting Earth’s natural resources. It took place in Parque La Matriz and the procession passed right beneath my office windows.  Without getting into political issues and or criticism, I was pleased to see that people were allowed to peacefully  exercise their rights to express their concerns.  It was also refreshing to see that people cared enough to do so.  I watched the procession and then came out of the office to see the speakers who addressed the crowd, and the musicians who performed on the plaza of the main cathedral on that beautiful day.

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  1. Cotacachi’s “participatory democracy” can teach the USA a lot! You have a wonderful view of all that happens in your community, too…hard to improve on that! 🙂

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