Enjoying Coastal Ecuador

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Enjoying Coastal Ecuador


Sea Turtle

Here it is October and I am only beginning to catch up with this blog!  Yikes!  Well, things happen such as multiple trips to Quito to get my visa stamp moved to my new passport; however, I shall try to do better in keeping up with sharing what is going on.   The visa procedure is another topic I may include here on this blog for your education and information, but for now, back to coastal Ecuador.

Distant Humpback Leaping

In the previous post I shared a bit about Puerto Lopez.  There is not much to the town , but each June through August it gets busy with tourists visiting in hopes of seeing magnificent humpback whales and of seeing, and perhaps hiking, Poor Man’s Galapagos an island several miles offshore which is home to many species of wildlife also found on the Galapagos Islands. We had a wonderful guide and were thrilled with the experience we had on our whale watch and tour of Isla de la Plata (aka”Poor Man’s Galapagos).

There is a relatively new pier which helps embarkation for sea trips sooo much easier than before.  In 2012 I remember actually wading into the ocean with my skirt held just above the water as I climbed as modestly as I could onto our boat.  The new pier and ramp is so much easier ( and drier) compared to that first experience.  Our group  found several restaurants of good quality and we much enjoyed the fresh seafood.

There was a wonderful little shop we discovered with of all sorts of items derived from Palo Santo, wood from a protected tree which is the source of an fragrant essential oil used in making incense, and several body care preparations. The Palo Santo tree is in the same family of tree from which frankincense and myrrh are derived.  Because it is a protected tree, the wood is only to be taken from dead trees.  We saw Palo Santo trees growing on Isla de la Plata.




  1. As far as thing to see underwater goes the Galapagos are hard to beat! It’s one of our friaovtes too! We’ll have look at India on the next one, it’s always been on our list! We’re only half way through our trip, so we still have eight months to go! What was you’re favorite part of india?

    • Hello Fabiana, glad you stopped by to comment on my blog. I hope your trip is marvelous. I don’t know why you asked me about India as I have not been there myself nor said anything to that effect on the blog. I have a good friend who was there for three months last year but I have yet to visit. Blessings on your travels and adventures.

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