Birds on Isla de la Plata

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Birds on Isla de la Plata

Crew Member and Guide for Fragate Trail

There are a number of trails to hike on Isla de la Plata ( aka Silver Island) off the Ecuadorian coast. Tours are available from Puerto Lopez, especially during whale watching season, but also throughout the year.  Some of our group decided to take the trail known for great numbers of frigate birds and blue footed boobies. We were not disappointed!

Male FragateMale frigates are known for their ability to enlarge an area of their throats in order to attract females.  It’s rather an impressive sight.  The male pictured above is resting but you can see the red area of his throat.

Blu Footed Boobie Mated PairThe blue footed boobies are dong a courting dance.  The males feet are more turquoise colored than the females’. Males also have smaller pupils.

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  1. Some great shots of the birds! I have heard this island described as a poorman’s Galapagos. So there must me much to see!

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