Classes and Events

April and May 2015

Hello and welcome to Circle on the Square’s Classes and Activity page.  In April several important events took place.  We had an amazing evening hosted by artist Diego Buitron.  Our group of 8 from Cotacachi had the pleasure of dining together in Diego’s home with a fine dinner prepared by his wife, Maritza. We were able to tour his studio and see the paintings recently back from Diego’s exhibition at the national museum in Quito, and then we enjoyed a performance by  Ecuadorian recording artist Enrique Males, internationally known Andean musician. Males’s wife Patricia Gutierrez performed ancestral dances to his music.  It was a very special performance in the intimate setting of La Piedra Roja, a reception hall and performance space within Diego’s home in San Antonio de Ibarra.

We had an astrological seminar entitled Unlocking the Mysteries of your Natal Chart, a seminar given with the aim of helping participants understand the basic keys which enable you to identify and use the information indicated in your individual birth chart.  Every individual is born with a unique combination of celestial energies and planetary alignments which are deeply connected to the evolution of the soul. This knowledge gives you the advantage of valuable insight into every area of your life. This seminar was designed to give students  a greater understanding of the many layers of self as revealed through the art and science of natal chart analysis and interpretation.

If there is interest, I will give the seminar again.  In the meantime, I am planning a reunion and bonus class for all who attended the seminar.

April also marked the passing of an amazing artist, Gilberto Almeida Egas who died on April 13.  There are blog entires I posted about him on my blog after earlier visits to his home.  Our most recent trip to his home was on March 21 as part of our San Antonio Artists tour, which actually went distances beyond San Antonio. I shall be posting those more recent pictures soon.

May brings our first ever Foodies Dream Tour to Quito.  This tour was announced Thursday April 30 and already we have reached capacity at the time of this writing ( May 1), so I think this will be a tour we will offer again.

For the time being we are not offering yoga or art classes, but are focusing on offering therapies to support your well being.  Foot reflexology and Migun thermal massage treatments are available by previous appointment.  To request an appointment email:, and you will receive an email confirmation of the time you requested, or an email  with the next closest available time.

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