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Julie Powell

Julie Powell

Who is Julie Powell?

A woman who followed her instincts and moved from the United States to Ecuador in order to further develop her life and to embark on  a process of discovering all the reasons why she was drawn there.  Some of the reasons she moved were to enlarge her view of life, to share her abilities, to acquire new skills, to learn from native Ecuadorian culture, and to seek how she could best fit in and be of service to those in her community.


Founder and Director of Circle on the Square, a center for holistic health offering yoga, art instruction and cultural education in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Management of Media Relations, Special Events, Advertising Sales, Publications, and Community Relations


Graduate of the Washington University School of Fine Arts


Yoga Teacher Certification by the Universal Great Brotherhood, Solar Line

Associate Polarity Therapy Practitioner by the American Polarity Therapy Association

Certified Hospitality Supervisor by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute


Julie has been fortunate  to have been educated by a series of spiritual teachers who have taught her much about how to live with courage, faith, love, and wisdom while coping with life’s challenges and continuing to seek and realize her greatest possibilities.  She has benefited immensely from her work with author, mentor and coach Ruth Lee, who has helped thousands to improve their lives and expand their life’s work.

A note about Ruth Lee, Scribe:

After a stellar academic record and highest achievement in industrial relations for two of America’s largest corporations, Ruth Lee left a high profile decades long career path to answer a spiritual call to serve the universe.  She has traveled extensively to bring peace to many parts of the world.  She writes fiction that teaches in a ‘novel’ way, and she has ‘trance-scribed’ the works of universal teachers, saints, healers and Mayan masters. Many on Earth as well as many on the upper planes are indebted to her for years of classes, seminars, retreats, and private counseling to elevate and awaken the hearts and minds of those she has served and those she continues to serve today.