Posts made in September, 2012

It’s Your Day!

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What makes a day great? Your outlook, your attitude, and the love you have within. Circumstances are never static, and no one escapes challenges; but, the ability to see and experience life as a huge realm of possibility, and the assurance that your higher self has everything you need to make the best of any situation will carry you far and help you to rise above negativity.

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I Love the Mountains

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From the Blue Ridge to the Andes –I love the mountains. Before long,  I will leave  the mountains of western North Carolina in order to re-establish my life and my home in the beautiful country of Ecuador. People are incredulous that I could leave such a wonderful place as Asheville, but I am headed for the spectacular views  of the Andes mountains where I will connect with hearts and minds of the people in one the world’s  most beautiful places to live.  Asheville and all the friends  I made there will always remain dear to me, but a new life awaits me  and I am following my heart to...

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Charting a New Course in Life

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Have you ever come to a place in life in which you were challenged to start all over? I have, and I am doing it right now. The life events of 2012 will long stand out as some of the most wrenching and challenging of my life; but the year will also remain a time of uncommon opportunity to reinvent life on my own terms.  If you are facing similar challenges and opportunities you need only slap fear in the face and get excited about all you are free to do now. You have the power within to make your life all you have ever wanted it to be.  

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