Equinox Observance on Ancient Pyramid

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Equinox Observance on Ancient Pyramid

Wariman Solar Pyramid

Ancient peoples the world over have celebrated the equinoxes and solstices throughout time.  Such times are significant because they mark not only specific times of year as related to the special characteristics and activities of that time in the annual cycle; but because they also are a recognition of the relationship of the earth to the cosmic entities beyond and how they affect life on our planet.  Cycles are usually marked by observation of angles between earth and the sun.  Indigenous peoples have always made use of the specific energies received at these special times and take time to honor the life giving powers and energies which are made manifest through the interplay of forces emanating from mother earth and father sun (Pachamama and Taita Inti).

In the Intag region of Imbabura Province Ecuador, there is a very ancient and sacred site left by the Kara people.  A few weeks ago I was fortunate to accompany a group of healers to the fall equinoxial events at Wariman Sacred Site. It was my first time to travel to Intag, and I can say the region is breathtaking.  The road to Intag is only partially paved, so travel can be very tricky, especially during rainy season at which time the unpaved roads can become somewhat  perilous due to muddy conditions and the possibility of land slides.  A four wheel drive vehicle is advised. Buses do run, but can be delayed for hours when road conditions are compromised.

Shaman Conducting Equinoxial Ceremony

Forgive the aside, but one needs to be aware of land and prepared for the road conditions.  Now back to the place itself, Wariman is a most  amazing and sacred place  left by the ancients and imbued with an undeniable force of positive and divine energy.  There are 4 pyramids and 38 tolas on the site. There are facilities for camping as well as cabin stye rooms, bathrooms and a restaurant.  Wariman sacred refuge means star of the dawn. The main pyramid is used for ceremonies of thanksgiving and for connecting to outer space. It is unique in all of Ecuador and is the best legacy in Ecuador to the Kara civilization.

Laying out the Feast

Ceremonies during the time I visited were conducted by the shaman from La Calera community.  We arrived as one ceremony was concluding and were there just in time to scale the pyramid from the back (a steep ascent without the aid of the ramp) and receive holy water from the shaman which we held in our hands and then released to the ground again. We removed our shoes when we got to the top and I was very surprised to feel how extremely hot the land was beneath my feet.  I thought it was just below a temperature that would have burned our soles.  The surrounding air temperature was not particularly hot.

Fall Equinox Feast

After the ceremony people left by way of the long ramp, and a feast followed.  That night many received the water purification ritual led by the shaman.  I had not come prepared so I did not participate this time, but perhaps next time I will be able to do so.

Beauty of Intag




  1. Thank you Julie! How wonderful to be able to participate in these rituals and to be able to travel such places with others of like mind. Your work cannot go unnoticed by all who are students of culture and live in your area as well.

  2. Julie
    That is fantastic what you are experiencing in Ecuador.
    My son is in his third year at Cal-State Fullerton and is participating in their study abroad program. He plans to study in Seville Spain next Fall semester.
    On another note, have you ever considered opening a restaurant in L.A. or Orange County California?
    And call it Julie & Julia’s Kitchen? And feature the recipes in Julia Child’s book like in your movie!
    Thanks and best wishes!
    Mary Lou

    • Dear Marylou,

      Once in a while people come across my website and mistake me for the author/blogger Julie Powell who made the movie about preparing Julia Childs’ recipes. I am not she, but I thank you for visiting my site. I find Ecuador a wonderful place to live.

      I wish you and your son all the best!


  3. Hi Julie! Love your website and congrats on all your adventures.
    I can’t find a contact email for you on your site – i’m at marketingapta@gmail.com
    i’m with the American Polarity Therapy Association; we are creating a new website for Polarity and are asking practitioners if they might want to share photos for inclusion on our new site, to help promote Polarity. We really love some of your photos and if you’re willing to share them with the Polarity community, we would be deeply grateful. We will provide a photo credit, honoring that it belongs to you. Please get in touch to find out more details. Thanks! Many Blessings ~APTA

    • Hello, it’s Julie replying to your request. Let me know to whom I am writing please, and whether you are asking to simply use some photos from my website or if you need anything besides my permission to use them. My email contact is: juliepowellmail@gmail.com

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