Back Strap Loom Weaving Demo

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Back Strap Loom Weaving Demo

Backstrap Loom Weaving Demo

About a week ago a small group and I visited the village of Peguche, just a short distance for the town of Otavalo.  Peguche is home to some notable weavers.   At El Gran Condor artesan shop we were treated to a demonstration teaching us some of the processes that prepare the wool for working from carding, spinning, dyeing and weaving. The woman sitting at the back strap loom is a member of the family who owns the shop. Although the family use various types of looms, the back strap loom is the oldest type of loom they use. What I found particularly interesting was that the pattern she was weaving was very intricate and was perfectly created in reverse on the back side of the cloth.  She also showed us how the large standing look worked, but I found the back strap one most intriguing.  The cloth was a one of very fine design and she  was able to create a line at a time with very impressive speed for such a complicated design.  It is a privilege to see such work today and to meet the people who have kept these traditional arts alive for thousands of  years.



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  1. Amazing now similar this picture is to pictures i took in Guatemala and Mexico over the years…I am always seeking what is similar to the Mayan way of life and weaving is integral to it as well. I like to buy selections that resemble other tribes work…sort of a hobby.

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