Armando Buitron, Ecuadorian Artist

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Armando Buitron, Ecuadorian Artist

Armando Buitron Talks to Group

Armando Buitron is a painter and creator of embossed paper art.  A group led by myself and Diego Buitron (Armando’s brother)  visited his studio in May 2014  during an art tour through San Antonio de Ibarra.

Armando Buitron Making Paper Pulp

Armando teaches art in Quito, and sells his work in the famous Plaza de Ponchos in the town of Otavalo.

During our visit Armando demonstrated making paper pulp which sometimes takes as long as 45 minutes of grinding the wet paper into pulp on a large stone basin. Next the pulp is rolled between two sheets of thin plastic to form sheets.  Once the sheets are made they are pressed onto molds to create the finished product.

Armando Buitron w Embossed Paper



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