Two Cuties

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Two Cuties

There is a much natural beauty in Ecuador.  The rugged and sometimes snow covered peaks, the extraordinary terrain of a land with many volcanoes, the flora and vegetation are just a few of them. I am always moved by the faces of Ecuadorian children. The two little girls pictured here are granddaughters of an elderly weaver living in an indigenous community.  If you visit Ecuador be sure to take time to visit the indigenous people who have the longest history in the region and still keep their ancestral ways of living including the Kichwa language,  traditional dress, hand crafts, and customs which have endured for centuries.


  1. Long after the last Gringo goes from Ecuador, the indigenous tribes of the Andes will survive and thrive. They can endure because they have not lost sight of what is most important in life–the children and helping them survive and grow in grace. 🙂

    • I agree! the indigenous tribes have never gotten away from Pachamama (mother Earth) and continue to live very close to the Earth and have such a reverence and such a respectful relationship with Earth that few others understand or grasp. The non indigenous ways of modern life have separated us from deeply feeling any relationship to Earth. I think most of us recognize beauty when we see it, but not as many live with a daily consciousness of connection to the land which sustains us all.

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