Time of Renewal

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Whether you are wondering where the time went, or saying to yourself, I thought 2012 would never end, we are witnessing a significant change and transition from one cycle to another.

If your year was like mine, and many others I connect with, we have just come to the end of a monumental year in terms of profound changes within in our relationships, our careers, our homes, and our thinking about Life with a capital “L”.  While 2012 has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, and unusually trying on many levels, we are now seeing that all those things have been swept or even wrenched away, have opened the way for amazing opportunity, fresh beginnings, and growth in ways we had not imagined before.

For those who are aware and prepared, 2013 will be a year for building new foundations, and realizing spectacular growth.  How to prepare?  Dream –and dream big! Use your heart and your desire to see and feel yourself  in a balanced, productive, powerful and more loving light than you have personally felt you could experience.  In other words, reach for your stars, whatever they are. Map out your wishes in the manner that makes sense to you, and follow your inspiration to make 2013 your best year to date.


  1. I agree this was a roller coaster year. And it’s definitely taught me to dream big and be a positive spirit. I learned I don’t need a lot of friends and not even family just my little family.

  2. As the Mayan calendar of old wound down many looked for catastrophic changes outside themselves…while the entire time they were experiencing amazing up-heavels from the inside out and adjusting to each of them…or perhaps not. May we all have the strength and patience to sort out all the things we have gained this past year and put them to good use in 2013!

    Many blessings on you, Julie and your work.

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