Solar Halo

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Solar Halo

On November 3 there was a total solar eclipse.  While I did not see the eclipse from where I was located in Cotacachi, Ecuador, I did see something that made me say, “Wow!”  I was outside in the courtyard of the house I am living in, and happened to look up and see the sun was completely surrounded with a rainbow.  I looked up that this phenomenon appears when the sun is at a 22 degree angle from water droplets or ice crystals. It was an amazing sight, which I could only shoot a portion of it at a time, since I could not shoot directly into the sun.

Rainbows are thought by some to be good omens, and eclipses have often been regarded as the opposite.  Do you pay any attention to what goes on in the sky? Why do you think people have done so for many ages? Are you aware that some of the most advanced civilizations have applied their knowledge of cosmobiology  to live  with an enlightened relationship with powerful cosmic forces? Using the movements of the sun, moon and planets and study of their influence on life on Earth is an ancient art and science that some dismiss; but others use to great advantage.

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  1. I can imagine that the folks in your area have a very interesting cosmology and belief involving the stars…In Cusco, Peru i recall being shown a very old mural depicting the Milky Way and being told dthat they believe another person just like them exists there.

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