Sharing a Smile

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Sharing a Smile

Parade Two Cute Boys

One thing you can never get tired of is  a genuine smile.  In Cotacachi I run across many who smile sincerely and easily .  The boys in this photo were participating in a parade, but as soon as they saw my camera they want to be captured and ‘hammed it up’ for me. Even though they were clowning just a bit, they are an example of something I like a lot about living in this part of Ecuador — a level of openness and willingness to connect with you.  Of course, not everyone smiles all of the time; but in general you will be met with many friendly faces daily instead of people who look away as you approach or try to avoid catching your eye as they walk by.  It would be completely unrealistic and untrue to say that life in Ecuador is all smiles and no problems; however, the tone of life here is far more easy going and welcoming than most North Americans are used to.

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  1. Great pics! I love capturing boys all over the world…they seem to appear out of nowhere!! LOL

    Too bad boys in America cannot be as carefree!

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