Pancakes: Take Two

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Pancakes: Take Two

Chef Santiago Pancakes on  Grill

Have you seen this man before?  If you have been following my blog, you have.  This is Santiago the wonderful chef at Solid Rock Restaurant. Santiago and owner Dan have graciously consented to give up their Sunday morning to hold a second benefit breakfast for the La Calera community water irrigation project this coming Sunday. The man makes great pancakes.  They are big and fluffy and flavorful and like last time they will be accompanied by tropical and subtropical fruits in a  lovely salad.  We’ll have plain and blueberry pancakes and the option of bacon for those who enjoy it, plus your choice of coffee or hot chocolate.  It will be yummy, but even better it will help raise additional funds so that our neighbors in La Calera will soon be moving forward to complete irrigation project that will make a huge difference in their lives.



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