On Knowing and Being Yourself

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My mother  recently returned from Guatemala where many celebrated the transition from the old Mayan calendar cycle into a new time.  The Maya teach that each ending is also a beginning and they point to the present as a time when all people are able to change and shape their futures in very powerful ways. The positive impact we make is directly proportionate to our intuitive awareness of who we are at the root of our being.

During one of several ceremonies in Guatemala Mom spoke about the importance of having an understanding of who one is.  She said when people don’t know who they are, they are lost and constantly look for ways to make themselves feel better, such as “looking for love” in one form or another to ease the underlying discomfort of being disconnected with themselves on a very deep level.

With the arrival of 2013 we have moved into a time when people have much greater opportunity than before to realize that they are each born as part of a beautiful whole, and  each person has a unique role and contribution to this amazing and evolving collective work of art called Life. All of us are whole and beautiful in our own right, but the trick is to know that, claim that, and act on that truth in honest and sincere ways. You arrived here with that self knowledge. No one can give that remembrance to you, and no one can take it away from you.  Remember that essential “You” and let that self guide you, rather than what you believe will impress someone else.



  1. Hi Julie. I just finished watching Julie & Julia for the ump-teeth time. And thought to connect with you. I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen and I cook while watching the movie each time. Glad to find your recent blog! Keep blogging so I can visit often. Mary from Iowa

    • Dear Mary,

      Just so you know, I am not the Julie Powell whom I believe you intended to reach. Once in a while people get us confused. I live here in Ecuador and I have a center called Circle on the Square in Cotacachi, about 2 hours north of Quito by car or bus. I teach yoga and art and I also give foot reflexology treatments. The other thing I enjoy doing is creating and organizing opportunities for people to have cultural exchanges or visits. We have a very strong culture of indigenous people here who have kept their traditions for centuries. I love to learn about their beliefs and customs. We also have many artists and a very beautiful ares which I am still exploring. Thank you for writing, and i invite you to visit my blog even though it was not the one you were searching for. All the best to you. Julie

  2. Congratulations on getting the blog up and running – glad I finally have the chance to see it! By the way, I found it through your LinkedIn page – the power of social networking! Best wishes from Asheville!

  3. Thank you Julie for sharing your mother’s wisdom with us. What we know while here on Earth is a collection of what we read and hear and so on…and too much that we are exposed to now is not worthy of our minds and insulting to our intellects. I am grateful to you for providing a blog that provides outstanding observations and conveys optimism in many different ways.

    May The Maya rise to be a power more are aware of now…

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