Oh, Christmas Tree! Paper Clips to the Rescue!

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Oh, Christmas Tree! Paper Clips to the Rescue!

December Holiday observances in the Americas, North or South, is a time of celebration, a time of reflection, and many activities which bring people together.  Here in Cotacachi, we do not have as much diversity of religious faiths as in the United States, so one sees Christmas themed celebrations and decorations for the most part.  This is my second Christmas in Cotacachi and at the time of this post I have now been in Ecuador for a year and three weeks.

I decided to decorate the space in my office so many can enjoy a few festive touches during this season.  I have a party planned, so a tree goes a long way toward making the room  look inviting.  This is my first tree, here in Ecuador.  I purchased the tree and some ornaments at the local grocery store, Tia. It’s pretty much like any other basic tree, but as I began putting on the lights and hanging a few ornaments, something happened.  Out of nowhere I simply began to feel carefree and delighted with this very ordinary tree.  I guess the holiday spirit arrived.

One of the funny things about tree decorating here ( and a few other things, too) is that if you are from North America you will frequently have difficulty finding simple things you never thought would be hard to find in Ecuador. For example,  you know those little metal hooks made for hanging ornaments?  Well, it’s a bit different here.  Instead of metal hangers, all the ornaments I bought came with a set of thin golden threads about 4 inches in length.  I spent a long time making holes in my golden glitter snowflakes with a nail and then painstakingly threaded the thread through the rather flimsy  top of the ornament and then laboriously tied a knot in the thread in order to hang them.  Each one took several minutes, so after a half our or so I decided to continue at a later time. Fortunately, I ran into friends at the bus station in Otavalo yesterday, and Donda revealed the secret of hanging ornaments without going crazy with those tiny golden threads which take forever to tie. The way to go is paper clips!  Yes! You unbend them so you have a hook on both ends, put the smallest end through your ornament and use the larger end to  hang on the tree branch.  Thanks a million for that great tip, Donda!

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  1. Such a beautiful tree…and the perfect backdrop to your holiday parties and events!

    Saw a Pew Research Poll (regarded as the best in the US) and it said that almost no one under the age of 30 associates Christmas with religion in the US. Now how did that happen?

    Cotacachi brings to mind life in the distant past in the States….

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