Marvelous Migun Massage Bed

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Marvelous Migun Massage Bed

I would like to introduce you to a most unusual and therapeutic experience available here at Circle on the Square.  A Migun massage bed is a medically approved thermal massage bed invented in South Korea and used worldwide. The bed provides a number of programmed massage experiences which stimulate, soothe and promote the body’s own healing power. Inside the bed are units which contain jade bulbs which massage as they move up and down the spinal column and lower legs from behind the knees to the ankles. In addition to the healing properties of jade, the bulbs also emit far infra-red light which penetrates the body, and also stimulates the internal organs.


  1. This sounds wonderful, Julie! It’s makes me want to come visit right now!

    • It’s a great massage experience. Most people go into a state of deep relaxation during a session. If you haven’t tried one out, you can do so at no cost in Asheville. It’s near the Biltmore Park shopping center. Warmest regards, and hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.

  2. Wow, Julie this sounds great…i wish my neurologist had such a bed…he does have wonderful massage therapists whose healing work does wonders for my impinged sciatic nerve…but this sounds like it would do the job as well if not better!

    • i developed a terrible case of sciatica in Cotacachi in Feb. this year,nothing worked, returned to Canada in April in a wheelchair, anxious to use my massage bed, yes i have one exactly like the Migun for almost 10 years now and love it but it didn’t work for my sciatica, it was impossible to lie flat on the bed. I remained in pain,hobbling along bent over unable to straighten up,the miracle that cured me overnight, walking upright no pain, was low intensity laser theraphy.only then was i able to use my massage bed, i had 5 laser treatments the followed it up with acupuncture. i continue with acupuncture twice a month and my massage bed daily, now I am as right as rain, Serafina

      • Hi Marilyn,
        Wow, you’ve been through a lot, but I am so happy to hear that you found the right treatment that worked for you. I had no idea you were undergoing such troubles in February. I wish you continued good health and I look forward to seeing you whenever you get back to Cotacachi again. In the meantime, take good care and enjoy life up in northern America.

  3. Hi Julie,
    I just spent time perusing your entire website. I am so proud of you. I can’t wait to make another trip to Ecuador. This time I will see you at Circle on the Square!!! What an amazing accomplishment. Visualize, with me, a glass of champagne being raised in your honor my friend.

    Love, Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, Thanks for visiting the site, and for your kind words and the champagne toast. I look forward to seeing you in Ecuador before long! Hasta pronto!

      • hi Julie , congratulations on your new business, it seems wonderful and I wish you every success . I will be back in Cotacachi in January for 3 months and plan to availl myself of many of your services when I return. I look forward to that . Serafina

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