Let’s Face It

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Let’s Face It
Julie Powell

Julie Powell

I like to connect a face with a name and that is why I am working on my website today.  I needed to update the image you see when you visit this site. A great friend and photographer in Asheville, NC did some marvelous portrait work for me last year.  Julie McMillan owner of Silver Birch Studio worked long and hard to deliver a terrific series of portraits for me, and even took the time to create an entire series of fast forward shots in which she painstakingly adjusted my hair color for future use since she knew I was planning to let my hair grow out naturally.

Julie Powell

Julie Powell head shot

Well, nature had its way, and neither of us guessed it would grow out as white as it has at the temples.  My appearance  has changed quite a bit since my friend Julie did that photo session, so I have changed the photo I was using with an updated image taken 2 days ago.  Many thanks to Bill Schuler for his time and care to provide me with some of the photos you will see on this site.

Only one small problem, as of this writing I now have two heads showing on the home page — one is the portrait I intended but the other is a partial image that got there ‘by accident’.  Well, not really, because computers only do what you tell them to do, even when you are not aware of what you did to deliver the undesired result.  I’m sure I will figure it out eventually, but for now I will laugh and say that two heads are better than one!  When collaborating and working as a team, two heads can be better than one, but I don’t think two of my heads is necessary.  Yes, I’ve got to face it, web mastery is not my strength, but today having two heads gives me a chuckle and it just might make you smile, too.


  1. I hate when my computer does not listen to me. 🙂 But i really like what you have done with the portraits of yourself past and present. AND I congratulate you on giving us an accurate picture not one that is 15 years old or when you were a different personality (apparently) from who is writing the blog or building the web site. I have had some real shocks over the years when confronted by evidence of what someone looks like in reality or on a video or a shap shot. Facebook really does uncover some amazing things. LOL

    Your photographers had so much to work with…no wonder the head shots turned out so great!

    • Thanks, Ruth. I did want a current shot for accuracy and to let people get to know and recognize me around town. I don’t like the over “photoshopped” images and the great efforts to pretend to be younger. I’ve earned every grey and I’m not backing down!

  2. Julie, you look fabulous! Love the hair, and I only wish I had the chance to photograph you again with your gorgeous new hair! I need to work on making that trip to Ecuador happen! Congratulations on your new business and the website looks great!

    Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    • Hi Julie,

      So happy to see your comment! My opening reception is Sunday. Hope not to be running about like a decapitated chicken, but still much to do to be ready.

      I’ll have to catch you up on a few other details soon. Hey to Brett and and the a’mals. Take care there. Abrazos! Julie

  3. JULIE!!! I am so excited for you! I feel like I just breathed in and breathed out deeper than I have been able to in several months! It must be you at work! I am looking forward to visiting your spa and spending some learning time with you! MUCH LOVE and many blessings to you! See you very soon!

    Big Hugs! AJ

    • Hi AJ,
      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment. I look forward to seeing you in Ecuador, too. Keep up the oxygen intake : )
      Abrazos! (Hugs!)

  4. I thought the two photos were deliberate because you say, “Everyone wants to know the professional details and qualifications; so I will give those to you first, and then follow in more depth with who I am below that surface.” So I thought the first represented the professional details…which isn’t the whole picture. “Then follow with who I am below,” where we get to see all of your face, seemed logical to me! 😉

    • Thank you, Deborah! I appreciate your visiting the site. Sometimes I just have to laugh at what happens when I get techie. I suppose I’ll figure it out eventually, but until then I’ll just go with the two heads theory 🙂

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