Kids Take to the Streets

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Kids Take to the Streets

One of the joys of living in Cotacachi is that life is celebrated constantly.  People easily engage in events which provide an opportunity to showcase something that  is celebrated or honored, or simply enjoyed, and they always do it with verve.  It is something that is infectiously happy.  While I have seen parades in the U.S. , and some have been quite spectacular, the parades here are perhaps less in size and in technical preparations, but truly grand in the feeling of joy, unity, and desire to share their enthusiasm with the community.

The pictures are from a parade of school children celebrating their sports activities.  They ranged from first graders into young teens.  Young majorettes followed by flutists, chime players, and drummers led the parade into the main square of Cotacachi’s Parque Matriz. The children carried signs identifying their classes, and sometimes naming their teams, such as the Super Champions. Many had puppies in arms or on leashes.  I saw at least one golden retriever all dressed up; and, boy oh boy, the kids had no trouble hamming it up when they saw I was taking pictures.  Wish you could have been there with me!


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  1. Seems to me that i heard during one of my visits to Cotacachi that your fair city has more parades than any other city in Ecuador…perhaps South America. What fun!

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