Hooray for Horses!

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Hooray for Horses!

One of the charming things about living in Cotacachi is the presence of horses.  I walk quite a bit, and often see horses grazing in fields or on grassy vacant lots, as well as the occasional rider clip-clopping through town, but the most wonderful sightings are the horses specifically called upon to lead parades or to be the stars of certain events.

There were two such events over  the last several weeks, a horse show that passed through Cotacachi on the way to the neighboring town of Quiroga, to celebrate it’s 100th anniversary, and a demonstration in support of protecting our Mother Earth (known here as Pachamama) and her precious resources.

Horses always lend such an air of dignity; and, besides having magnificent looks, some really know how to turn on their exhibition best for the crowds.  At the parade in honor of Quiroga’s centennial, I took dozens of  shots and only got a few I liked, but it was great fun to see the parade and all the fancy footwork and tricks the riders got their mounts to perform.

There are many things a Norte Americana like me experiences as novel in my  life in Ecuador, but I find horses among the most delightful.




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