Holiday Sights in Cotacachi

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Holiday Sights in Cotacachi

Little Ones Christmas ParadeLittle Angel

Back in the U.S. there are parades, and they can be colorful, fun to watch and beautifully executed.  Here in Cotacachi, the parades are often colorful  and fun to watch, as well, but they have an element of community and inclusion of more members of society than we normally see in the states.  By inclusion I mean that a wide range of ages usually participates, and it is not unusual to have children leading or playing important roles.  The featured image shows two small children walking at the beginning of a parade, and representing Mary and Joseph.  Naturally such little ones are accompanied by parents but the children are starting to take part in a way of expressing not only religious faith, but solidarity with their community. Everyone is marching together in the same direction, and aside from being an endearing and stirring sight, it is a kind of ritual that unites the people and honors the birth of Christ.

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  1. From all reports…nowhere in Ecuador–perhaps South America, are there more parades…almost on a daily basis. How did the rest of us lose this connection? That we never celebrate openly and often with those who are the same as we are and those who are from opposing camps, such as some tribes in the area appear to be at times.

    How best to declare your freedom and love of life than to parade about town when inspired to do so?

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