Extraordinary, Ecuadorian, and Hand Made

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Extraordinary, Ecuadorian, and Hand Made

Ikat Weaver at Loom

Ecuador is a country in which many people continue to do work that keeps ancient patterns and traditions alive.  Unlike much of the work done in  North America, many South Americans have not lost touch with their skilled manual laborers who produce beautiful items of many varieties.  The work shown in the featured  image is intricate and all produced by hand and memory by a man who lives in a neighboring community of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Spiritual Teachers tell us that work of the hands is work that calms the mind and banishes anxiety.  Why would that be?  Hands that are occupied and engaged in producing art or craft are helping the mind relax and allowing the worker to create moment by moment. The artisan craftsman or craftswoman can enter into a very centered state of mind, similar to a state of meditation.

The art of weaving on hand looms still survives in Ecuador, but it is a work that takes much time.  In the present day the emphasis on speed and efficiency over artistry run counter to the traditional work of many artisans alive today.  One can only wonder how long they will be able to keep their traditional ways and work alive; but, in the meantime we can still celebrate and enjoy this great work.



  1. As a child and later, too, my mother passed on needlework in its many forms to the girls of the family…as it is what gentlewomen do…but i never took to it like everyone else. 🙂 However, having done it long enough and thoroughly enough…i sooo appreciate the extraordinary artistic abilities of the natives of Ecuador! Such weaving is not seen many other places in the world…and certainly not at such wonderful prices!

    • My mother and grandmother were both professional women, and yet both taught my sister and me sewing, knitting and a bit of embroidery. Very few kids learn these arts anymore. I am happy to report that there is a very active group of women in Cotacachi who create wonderful crocheted and knit projects. They meet a couple of days a week, and make gifts that they give to people at the old folks home each Christmas. They call themselves the ‘Loose Stitches’!
      I love the name.

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