Demonstration Against Domestic Violence

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Demonstration Against Domestic Violence

Although I have not personally been aware of any cases of domestic violence in Cotacachi, and the general lack of violence in the area, the issue of domestic violence is important enough to the people of Cotacachi that they organized a procession and demonstration. The procession began with children marching into the main square of town.  They entered by the cathedral and went around three sides of Park Matriz before ending in front of the Municipal building (el municipio).  They were accompanied by their teachers and had a motorcycle police escort.

The featured image is a police vehicle with images and messages against violence against women.

DomesticViolenceBanner PoliceVehiclePoliceman in White on Motorcycle

What is different here in contrast to what I have seen in the U. S. is that the generations are not separated as much from each other in Ecuador.  If something is going on of importance to the community, all ages are present, and the people stand together.  There is a solidarity and sense of citizenship that I have not experienced in other places that I find very refreshing, and I think it bodes well for the future of the community.


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  1. Your insights into Ecuadoran culture and life are much, much appreciated.

    I recall visiting hot springs outside of Cotacachi when nuns brought children from their orphanage in Quito for the day. While talking to them i was informed they had parents for the most part, but were abandoned by addicted parents…either alcohol or other drugs. Obvious victims of family abuse. Always sad, but apparently always with us wherever we reside.

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