Day of the Dead Celebration

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Day of the Dead Celebration

Day of the Dead Street Vendors

Day of the Dead was celebrated here in Cotacachi as is practiced in much of Latin America. It is a day of remembering departed loved ones and celebrating their lives as well as the gift of life itself. Tradition here includes preparing special food and drink as well as visiting the cemetery to place flowers wreaths and notes of affection to those who have passed on.  Traditionally, Ecuadorians bake and decorate dolls called ‘guaguas de pan’ (babies of bread).  They also enjoy a hot spiced beverage called colada morada.  The drink is made from of berries (mostly mora, the blackberries which grow in abundance in this region), water, fruits, sugar and finely ground flour to thicken the mixture.



  1. I think most people associate Day of The Dead celebrations with Mexico…but it is obvious that the tradition lives on in Cotacachi. I hope to one day be present to thoroughly enjoy such celebrations and feel them for myself.

    Great job bringing it on to us now, Julie!

    • Yes, Mexico is well known for celebrating the Day of the Dead with much festivities and traditions. Their sculpted art figures are amazing and even comical in some ways. Here in Ecuador, at least around Cotacachi, it is not as loaded with the same degree of color and folklore associated with the day as it is a heartfelt, family oriented day of remembrance and thanksgiving for the abundance of life.

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