Celebrating Inti Raymi

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Celebrating Inti Raymi

Inti Raymi is an annual summer solstice celebration which is observed in many parts of Latin America.  Ceremonies differ somewhat depending on which culture is celebrating and what customs they follow.  Despite the variations Inti Raymi is a celebration and honoring of the power of the Sun, and its life giving energy, on which we all depend.

The image featured here shows dancers at the Inti Raymi Celebration held at Cochasqui Pyramids about a 90 minute drive from Cotacachi.  The dancers call upon the spirit of Pachamama, or Mother Earth, and they honor her with their art.  They danced within a large circle defined by rose petals and an abundant offering of fruits, beans, corn and other foods.   The ritual offering was later blessed by a shaman and a great feast followed the ceremony.

To be present on that beautiful day and to experience the ceremonies as carried out on that ancient site was very moving.  The  site of those ancient pyramids which have stood since 500 AD  holds many mysteries even today.  They are unlike typical pyramids in that they are all flat on top instead of rising to a single point, and they are unique in their scorpion like silhouettes as observed from the air.



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  1. Brings back memories of when we celebrated Inti Raymi in Cuzco,Peru in 2005. No one then would have ever guessed you would be living the life in Ecuador today! Wow!!!

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