Blessings During Holy Week in Ecuador

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Blessings During Holy Week in Ecuador

Holy Week in Cotacachi is an excellent opportunity  to experience how Ecuadorians celebrate the week leading up to Easter.  It is a time of processions, prayers, music, re-enactments of the persecution and crucifixion of Jesus Christ and a time of deep reflection as well. On “Domingo de Ramos”, Palm Sunday, people gather on the steps of the cathedral with bundles of greenery.  Originally palm leaves were used, however in recent years there has been a  concerted and successful effort to discourage the use of palms because in the highlands of Ecuador palms are endangered, even though Cotacahi’s Matriz Park has a number of stately palms adding elegance to the main square which also is the location for the grand cathedral La Matriz and the city’s municipal building.

In front of the cathedral flanked by holy figures which have been carried from their usual places in local shrines, a priest delivers a special service which includes the blessing of the bundles of greenery  people have brought with them. During the service the people hold the bundles high to receive the blessing given by the priest.  After the service they are taken back to the people’s dwellings places and are used to bless their homes.



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  1. Thank you for sharing a bit of the religious holidays with us. It is a most wonderful time to visit South America!

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