Artisan Fashions in Cotacachi

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Artisan Fashions in Cotacachi

Fiber Purses SF Park

While Cotacachi’s Parque La Matriz is the main square and location of the municipal government building and main cathedral, there is another charming square where artisans set up and operate a lively craft market. Their wares and hand work are spread out on tables under a series of canvas canopies carefully set up in the morning and broken down every night on the corner of Vicente Roquefuerte and Diez de Agosto  (aka Leather Street). Shoppers will find an engaging array of fine hand crafted work including purses, wallets, belts ponchos, shawls, musical instruments and more.  The purses pictured here on a park bench are just an example of what can be found to add a bit of Andean flair to your wardrobe or to give as gifts.


  1. Love the purses pictured…just my style and color…but i know there are many, many others to choose from…enough to please everyone…and if you can’t find one you like, i bet you can find someone to make it up. What a lovely town for an artist like yourself to spread your wings! So happy to hear your classes are filling up rapidly…and you’re not even open yet! Wish i could take yoga with you, too!

    • Yes, we do have some amazing artisans here in Cotacachi. It is easy to find all sorts of lovely things to jazz up your wardrobe or to give as gifts. We launch Circle on the Square with our reception Sunday and first classes start on Monday. Thanks for all the encouragement and good wishes.

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