Artesan Galleries in Peguche

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Artesan Galleries in Peguche

El Gran Condor Building

If you enjoy meeting artesans and seeing their work, take time to visit Peguche.  Peguche is home to some extraordinary weavers.  The previous post showed one woman artesan demonstrating  work on a back strap loom.  The featured image for this post shows the exterior of the building housing EL Gran Condor shop where she has her family weaving gallery and handicraft business.  It located facing the central plaza and main church of the village.

Julie Holding Jose Cotacachi Purchase

Also bordering the square are the galleries of Jose Cotacachi with a workshop and small showroom behind the church as well as two gallery spaces.  One is across the street from El Gran Condor, and the other is down a dirt path  that leads to an immense space full of gorgeous wall hangings and sweaters.  I couldn’t resist buying one of the wall hangings as you can see from the image in the post. It is a joy to pay for such work and to encourage the artesans to keep it coming!


  1. Amen! I would like to add my recommendation as well. I took a group of participants in a retreat i conducted in Cotacachi in 2008 to this gallery and we all bought lovely things we cherish today. When a business continues to serve and produce as they do…you know you have a winner!

    • Aplepantry this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

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