Andean Condors and More

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Andean Condors and More

Andean Condor Perched on Rock

Not having grown up in South America, I was fascinated to see Andean Condors at the Condor Park habitat in Peguche, Ecuador. Andean Condors are rare birds.  Mating pairs only produce one chick every other year, so they are a precious species and need protection. At the Parque Condor the condors are not a part of the aerial show, but are visible in their own habitat near the amphitheatre. Other magnificent birds at the park include various species of owls, hawks, and eagles.  Many have been rescued and rehabilitated.



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  1. What a lovely sight to see a lovely site for the condors to live and reproduce (hopefully)…The zoo in Lima, Peru could take a few pointers from this aviary…for sure!

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