Alpaca Goods Manufacturing

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Alpaca Goods Manufacturing

Alpaca Shop with Worker in Backgrnd

I was lucky enough to be invited to spend a part of Thanksgiving 2013 with friends who were providing a tour to a group of U.S. and Canadian citizens.  We toured Otavalo market and then got an invitation to see a busy shop in full action in a small village near Otavalo.  The work is created on antique imported machines from Europe.  I noticed one was made in Belgium.  As we entered the  noise level was rhythmic and some people began to dance to the beat as we entered the main production area.  It was jammed with machines all going very fast and we could see cloth being created right before our eyes.  The noise was so intense that the workers were all wearing ear protection.  Since I had none, I stayed only long enough to snap a few pictures.  Then we went to another area where other workers were hand combing the alpaca shawls with thistles.  This process makes them extra soft and luxurious.

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  1. The Ecuadoran interpretation of machine woven fabric is far different from what most Americans would believe it to be. This is actually very close to doing it all by hand.

    Thanks, Julie, for sharing the scene…i always enjoy checking out weaving, as you know, and buying samples to take home for my collection…whereby i am attempting to compare the designs of cultures all over the world…the defining designs are very, very similar the closer you get to traditional patterns and weaves.

    Again thanks for sharing!

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