"Life in Ecuador an amazing adventure!"

Discover the people, the places, and the unique opportunities open to you by living in Ecuador. At Circle on the Square holistic health and education center, renew and nurture the best within you while learning more about the people, places, and celebrations of Ecuador.

Circle on the Square

Circle on the Square viewed from Parque Matriz, Cotacachi, Ecuador

Circle on the Square viewed from Parque Matriz, Cotacachi, Ecuador

Welcome to Circle on the Square!

In the heart of Cotacachi, Circle on the Square is centrally and conveniently located at Parque La Matriz, the anchor of the city of Cotacachi with its cathedral and Municipal Building both located on this picturesque square.

Our vision is to provide excellent services and support for those seeking greater balance, harmony and happiness in their lives. This is your place to come for classes, activities and treatments which support your health, creativity, well being and greater awareness of living in a fascinating and multi faceted society in one of the most desirable places on Earth.

About Julie


Julie Powell

Julie Powell

Who is Julie Powell?

A woman who followed her instincts and moved from the United States to Ecuador in order to further develop her life and to embark on  a process of discovering all the reasons why she was drawn there.  Some of the reasons she moved were to enlarge her view of life, to share her abilities, to acquire new skills, to learn from native Ecuadorian culture, and to seek how she could best fit in and be of service to those in her community.

Mission and Vision


Circle on the Square’s  Mission and Vision

 Circle on the Square’s MISSION is to provide classes, activities and therapies which support holistic health, and to improve our community by creating opportunities for cross-cultural education, exchange, and celebration.

It is our VISION to help individuals to tap their inner resources of vitality and wellness, as well as to create a strong and vibrant community in which all are able to co-exist within an environment of peace, tolerance and respect.

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